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Blue Oyster Pick-up | 1 Pound

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Fresh Blue Oyster Mushrooms


Nutritional Information

- Low in carbohydrate

- Fat and cholesterol free

Flavor Profile

- Soft crunchy/chewy texture

- Subtle and Sweet

Other Benefits

- High quality pre-biotic fibers

  • Blue Oysters
    Scientific name: Pleurotus ostreatus

    Blue oyster mushrooms are one of the more familiar faces when it comes to gourmet mushrooms. There are some subspecies within the Pleurotus ostreatus family with distinctively different characteristics.

    Our traditional blue oysters come with medium stem and cap size which makes them very easy going when it comes to cooking preparation. They have a sweat flavour profile with hints of pork and a soft crunchy texture.

    Because of that, when they are fried right, blue oyster mushrooms are a perfect vegetarian/vegan substitute for bacon! Like the rest of the oyster mushroom family, blue oyster mushrooms are rich in micronutrients (folate, iron, vitamin B3 and B5 namingly), high in good quality protein, low in carbohydrates and contain <1 gram of fat.