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King Oyster

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Fresh King Oyster Mushrooms

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Nutritional Information

- Source of iron, vitamin B3 and B5

- Low in carbohydrate and calories

- Very low fat and cholesterol free

Flavor Profile

- Nutty and rich flavor

- Large surface area

Other Benefits

- Versatile texture for cooking

- High shelf life

  • King oyster
    Scientific name: Pleurotus eryngii

    King oyster mushrooms are indeed the kings of forest! Their nutty and rich flavor, large size, nice texture with a mild chew as well as their high shelf-life make them one of the most sought after and flavorful gourmet mushrooms.

    King oyster mushrooms are one of the more healthy and fun meat replacement choices for vegetarians and vegans because they are very versatile when it comes to cooking. Also, king oyster mushrooms are a very good source of some micronutrient (folate, iron, vitamin B3 and B5 to name a few) that are hard to find in non-meat sources.

    What makes them even a healthier food choice is their low calorie, low carbohydrate, no fat and relatively high protein content.