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Pink Oyster Grow Kit

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Grow mushrooms at home with your own Mushroom grow Kit. Guaranteed to fruit and can fruit multiple times if cared for properly. Large(4.3lbs) grow kit includes spray bottle and will fruits multiple servings for consumption with every flush. Witness the fascinating growth of mushrooms up-close with minimal effort! 

Mushroom Grow Kits Details:

  • Grows in 7-10 days
  • Spray bottle included
  • Guaranteed to Fruit if used within a month of purchase
  • 4.3lbs - 5''x6''x8'' Box Diameter

For recipes please visit our Instagram @minimushroomfarms

Great Mushroom Harvests

Share your Mushroom Grow Kits harvests and be featured on our website and social media!

Proper Care of your mushroom grow kits

  • 1. Take Away the designated cut-out area and use a sterilized sharp knife to cut an X on the bag inside.

  • 2. Place your block where ambient light is present but NO direct sunlight with temperatures in the range of 18-26C

  • 3. Spray as needed until Humidity is consistently above 70% (try to avoid spraying directly on the mushrooms)

  • 4. Ensure there is airflow and that there are no obstructions of the vents on the habitat, or any enclosure used.

  • 5. Harvest by firmly holding the cluster from the base and slowly twisting and pulling it off the substrate.

  • 6. Continue the same care routine for the mushroom grow kits and allow 5-12 days for the next flush depending on the strain.