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Pink Oyster

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Fresh Pink Oyster Mushrooms

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Nutritional Information

- High in protein and vitamin B

- Low in carbohydrate

- Fat and cholesterol free

Flavor Profile

-Hints of seafood
-Texture resembles that of the snow crab with a soft chew.

Other Benefits

- High quality pre-biotic fibers
- High quality amino acids
- Rich micronutrient content

  • Pink Oyster:
    Scientific name: Pleurotus djamor

    Pink oyster mushrooms are one of the most beautiful food ingredients out there. Their robust pink color and striking shape makes them uniquely versatile and they can elevate any dish. Pink oyster mushrooms have a mild flavour profile with hints of seafood and their texture resembles that of the snow crab with a soft chew.

    Because of that, they are one of the best, if not the best, when it comes to vegetarian/vegan options for seafood replacement. Pink oyster mushrooms have a similar nutritional profile to the rest of oyster mushroom family. A couple of highlights in their healthy nutritional profile are their high pre-biotic fiber content, high quality amino acids, their rich micronutrient content and their naturally low level of fat.

    Pink oyster mushrooms, in fresh and dried forms, have been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine for centuries to tackle a long list of health concerns ranging from inflammation and IBS to constipation and many more conditions but more research is required in order to confirm those claims.